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Robinson House Soireé

Robinson had their turn under the spotlight this week with their first House soirée for two years. The evening was a predictably eclectic and entertaining affair, with comedy, music and fine dining.

Here, Upper Sixth student Jamie Reid, files his review:

“We started off the long-awaited night with a great performance from our House band. The song of choice was 17 Going Under, which I think we can all say is a classic. With Arthur on the drums, Mr G rocking the guitar, and the trio of brass players all complementing each other very well, all three singers; James, Isaac, and Nihal brought the performance together.

We then moved on to our M4 performances for the evening, starting with an original skit performed by some of the M4s called ‘Aliens’. The audience enjoyed the skit with laughs to show for it.

We then had another original skit done by the other half of the M4s called ‘Become a Teacher’. This was well executed by the boys, saying their lines well, getting some laughs from the audience along the way.

To finish off the M4 acts, we had the M4 band play Creep, with Mr G stepping in as a last-minute guitar replacement. The piece was played exceptionally. Special mention to Mr Gillespie for learning such a difficult piece in such a short amount of time and then absolutely smashing it on the day.

The U4s were up next with their skit, ‘The Spelling Bee’. With banter flowing and water flying across the room, the performance was very good and funny, well done U4s!

We then had some of the other U4s bring us all back to the days when dance music was cool with a german Hokey Cokey! It was a very intricate, yet funny, dance to watch and the U4s should be proud of their efforts.

The Fifth Form then told the audience to sit back and enjoy the video they had made for the evening’s entertainment. A backing video to the classic song 500 Miles and I think we can agree that it was a good decision. It was fun all-round! Well done to Kenan for editing the video alone.

We then came onto the Lowe Sixth with their take on Mock the Week. With Fraser as our host, the skit was well performed, and many laughs filled the atmosphere as they did it. Well done to the Lower Sixth.

After a long wait, the Upper Sixth were ready to perform their final ever act for the Robinson House soirée. They started with a short clip of some of Boris Johnson’s funniest moments to set the mood for the second part of the performance. The clip ended and then the booming I’m Still Standing started to play, with the entire Upper Sixth flooding the stage. The Upper Sixth then performed their own creative dance to the song. We won’t call this dance Strictly… worthy, however it was great to see the Upper Sixth enjoy themselves performing their last ever act for the Robinson community.

Overall, an amazing night, with food and drinks enjoyed after the acts. I’m very sure all Robinson staff, pupils, and parents enjoyed the evening as much as I did and am a little upset that I won’t be attending another.”