Senior Co-Ed Athletics vs Cranleigh | Epsom College
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Senior Co-Ed Athletics vs Cranleigh

This was a great opportunity for the Epsom’s Middle Fourth and Upper Fourth pupils to compete in their age groups, and for the Lower Sixth girls to provide excellent competition in the girls’ U17 events.

The weather was kind and it was great to see so many parents come out to support the athletes. There were some fine individual performances throughout the year groups and excellent peer support throughout the afternoon.

The following were winners in their events. Further results can be seen on the website in due course:

U15 Girls Winners

  • 100m – Katie McNeil (R)
  • 200m – Hannahli Foley-Outeiral (M)
  • 300m – Sophie Long (R)
  • 1500m – Gina Carrington (R)
  • Shot – Phoebe Witten (Wh)
  • Javelin – Gina Carrington (R)
  • Discus – Sophie Long (R)
  • Long Jump – Hannahli Foley-Outeiral (Rv)
  • High Jump – Phoebe Witten (Wh)
  • Relay – Katie McNeil (R), Hannahli Foley-Outeiral (M), Gina Carrington (R), Sophie Long (R)

U17 Girls Winners

  • 200m – Amelia Burke (Rv)
  • 300m – Ella Beswick (W)
  • 800m – Chloe Head (Rv)
  • 1500m – India Gould (Rv)
  • Shot – Amy Henwood (Wh)
  • Javelin – Meredith Briggs (Rv)
  • Discus – Amber Roberts (Wh)
  • Triple Jump – Amelia Burke (Rv)
  • Relay – Amy Henwood (Wh), Yasi Fryer (Rv), Bella Buck (R), Amelia Burke (Rv)

U15 Boys Winners

  • 100m – Mattao Bouget-Kotlar (P)
  • 200m – Teyi Thomas (C)
  • 300m – Louis Simmons (C)
  • 800m – Thabo Kuaho (P)
  • 1500m – John Warfield (Fa)
  • Javelin – George Johnson (P)
  • Long Jump – Teyi Thomas (C)
  • Triple Jump – Mattao Bouget-Kotlar (P)
  • Relay – Mattao Bouget-Kotlar (P), Sanad Al Sa’di (Fa), Teyi Thomas (C), Louis Simmons (C)

U17 Boys Winners

  • Discus – Oliver Jones (C)
  • Relay – Alex Pollington (H), Kento Osaka (Fa), Tiger Yuen (H), Ollie Hayman (P)