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Senior Skiers Visit Jasper Canada 

The Epsom College Senior Ski Trip saw 45 Pupils and five staff travel across the Atlantic Ocean for a memorable week in Jasper, Canada. This beautiful location, with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains provided the perfect canvas for the students to refine their skiing and snowboarding skills under the guidance of expert instructors. With quiet slopes and plenty of terrain that ranged from beginner to expert level, all students were suitably challenged throughout the week and there was plenty of progression amongst the six ski groups and one snowboard group. We were blessed with blue skies all week and fresh snow on a couple of days, gifting the students with some powder days and extra fun skiing opportunities.

Marmot Basin, the mountain we were to conquer in our five days in Jasper, was the perfect setting for all abilities. Instructors challenged all groups with a range of technical drills; from one-footed skiing, to carving, angulation and snow plough drills focussing on the outside ski. Progress was evident in all groups and it was fantastic to see pupils and staff alike benefitting from the expertise of our instructors.

During our trip, we saw beginners make incredible progress from the magic carpet, to cruising confidently down blues (and even a black run!). Meanwhile, the intermediate groups raced around the mountain, weaving through tree routes and soaring over jumps. The advanced groups covered all varieties of terrain, carving up groomers, navigating moguls and off-piste, and even hiking to the very peak of Marmot Mountain in search of fresh powder. With the variety in Marmot Basin, every day promised a new challenge, fun-filled adventure and exciting opportunities.

Beyond the slopes, the trip’s highlights included visits to Jasper Planetarium, a local ice hockey game, a pizza night, shopping in Calgary and a drive along the spectacular Ice Fields Parkway, named one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Our Rocky Mountain experience was a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Thank you to all the pupils for their good humour, enthusiasm to learn and encouraging nature towards one another. Special thanks must also go to Rob Johnstone for his brilliant leadership and organisation of another fantastic trip. Thank you also to Ceara Kelly, Gordon Watson, Rob Young and Becky Berger-North for accompanying the trip and ensuring the students had an amazing time.