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Service Continues With Virtual Volunteering Programme

With the ever-fluctuating Covid-19 restrictions changing our usual way of working, the Service Programme, now in its eighth year, has risen to the challenge by launching a new ‘virtual’ volunteering programme for our Senior and Lower School pupils.

EC Bitesize Video Library

We will continue to support our partners by building a bank of resources called EC Bitesize. These videos will be sent to our local state sector nurseries, playgroups, infant and junior schools, and care homes.

We have appointed two pupils in each House to act as Service leaders. Together with their peer, they have developed the following ideas for online content:


  • Music
    • Virtual music performance
    • Ensemble pieces
    • Instructional films on how to play certain instruments
    • Playing fun songs for children to dance along to


  • Content for Older People
    • Virtual ‘coffee and chat’, where our pupils offer a remote befriending service
    • Readings of literature and scripture to people of specific religions
    • Videos on culture and language


  • Academic
    • Maths topics
    • Biology/Science demos
    • Strange and fascinating history videos
    • Economics, including instructional films on topics such as how to save money
    • Politics, including guides for younger pupils on how voting works
    • Physics facts
    • Introduction to beginner’s French 


  • General Interest
    • DT/DIY videos
    • First Aid
    • Tutorial on DIY masks
    • Photography/film tutorials
    • Mediation and Mindfulness
    • ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ – a series of demos giving kids ideas about what jobs and careers are available
    • What makes a good movie?
    • Handwashing demos
    • Reading books to kids
    • How to audition


  • Sport
    • Rugby, Golf, Fencing, Athletics and Cricket demonstrations


Lower School Pen Pals

Pupils in Lower School will write letters, cards or create pictures to send to the care homes we have previously visited. The letter writing will be extended to setting up a pen pal system that pairs pupils with residents.

“I am really excited for the next evolution of the Service programme and impressed with how proactive and brimming with creative ideas the pupils have been so far,” said Roshie Watkins, Service Co-ordinator. “It is encouraging that our pupils are so eager and keen to work together to give back to the community in such a challenging time.”