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Spanish A-level Students Reach Semi-Finals at Charterhouse Debating

Flexing their linguistic muscles, against strong opposition, proved valuable for our Lower Sixth students. Isabella Matson files her report.

On Wednesday, a group of Lower Sixth Spanish students took part in The Year 12 Interschool Modern Foreign Languages Debating Competition at Charterhouse.

The competition saw 80 pupils from 10 schools debate in French, Spanish and German. 

Accompanied by Mrs Hayes, Isabella, Maria, Ali and Ines debated a host of topics including the responsibility of celebrities and banning social media for young people.

The teams had prepared with Miss Hasan prior to the competition, planning and organising their speeches in class. Their preparations gave them a strong knowledge of the topics and ensured they arrived at Charterhouse feeling confident and ready.

The teams competed with a high level of Spanish ability and were articulate and persuasive throughout. This resulted in both teams performing well in the heats, and with Maria and Isabella progressing all the way to the semi-finals.

It was a fantastic opportunity to practice public speaking skills whilst strengthening their Spanish speaking ability. Both teams enjoyed engaging with Spanish A-level students from other schools in such a competitive environment, and developing their speaking skills in a new environment.