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Spanish History and Culture in Seville 

The half term trip to Seville was an incredible way for pupils to improve their Spanish communication skills, whilst diving into Spain’s immense history and culture.

On arrival in Seville, pupils were immediately introduced to their host families – locals of Seville with whom they would be living for the next four nights. This arrangement was a lovely way to experience daily life and culture in Seville first-hand, through sharing meals, watching Spanish television shows, and having lots of opportunities to practice Spanish with a native speaker.

Over the week, students attended the CLIC school for Languages in the mornings and visited Seville’s dazzling monuments in the afternoon. Specific highlights of the trip include visiting La Plaza de España, an enormous building representing all regions of Spain with vivid murals.

Students discovered the history of bullfighting in Spain at the vibrant La Plaza de Toros, a historic bullring. The Alcazar, a grand Islamic palace in the centre of Seville, and the attached Royal Gardens, represented southern Spain’s historic, Moorish architecture.

Also in the centre of the city is the gorgeous Cathedral of Seville, as well as La Giralda, a 100-metre tower attached to the Cathedral that students climbed to enjoy picturesque views. Finally, throughout the trip, Epsom pupils visited countless museums, such as the Belles Artes Museum, and El Archivo de Indias, as well as going on a boat trip on the Guadalquivir River, taking traditional Flamenco dance lessons, and shopping under the warm sun and plethora of brilliant, Sevillian orange trees.