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Spring Extravaganza Showcases Talent, Community & Joy

Over 70 performers sang, danced and performed to fellow pupils, staff and members of the College community in a night to be remembered, says Mr Nick Russell.

Somehow, fewer than three school days after captivating the College with The Addams Family – a complex production of extraordinary quality – the music department produced its eclectic end-of-term showcase: The Spring Extravaganza. It was a showstopper: astonishing and uplifting in equal measure.

70+ performers, from all corners of the College, took to the stage in 16 distinct acts. While each performance was different in style, they were united in quality.

It seems invidious to single out particular performances, as the standard was consistently high and the whole evening celebratory, but particularly memorable moments for this reviewer were…

  • The Epsom College Dance Company who set the tone and high standard from the outset;
  • the harmonies from the Barbershop and Acapella groups with their respective performances of Sh-Boom (The Chords) and Unwritten (Natasha Beddingfield);
  • a delightfully catchy rendition of Betelgeuse (Yurri);
  • a ridiculously entertaining and accomplished Medley of Michael Jackson numbers from the Staff Barbershop (which featured the highest note sung by a man since 1632);
  • an explosive yet-tightly-controlled drum roll from Mrs Winmill as a splendid staff-student band’s performance of Shallow (from A Star is Born) reached its climax;
  • a brilliant version of Hold the Line (Toto) from an outrageously talented Fifth Form band;
  • and the three male solo performances:
    • Dan Sindall, playing piano and harmonica and singing Piano Man (Billy Joel);
    • Brandon McGuiness, typically performing an Elton John song better than Elton John himself;
    • and, finally, Josh Selimi, with a faultless performance of John Legend’s modern classic All of Me.

Actually, one simply cannot leave out:

  • the spine-tingling harmonies of the Vocal Trio The River (Daisy Jones & the Six)
  • nor the energy, sass and precision of the Dance Trio Diva (Beyonce)
  • nor the beautiful performance of Listen (Beyonce)
  • nor indeed the immensely heartening and heartfelt performance of Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
  • nor the (possibly) crowning glory of pupil musical achievement of the evening, Jayen Navamani leading a band in a performance of his own song What Music Means to Me.

Those were indeed the highlights.

Many thanks to all the staff who supported the event – particularly George Royall and the music department, all who performed – many stepping away from marking marathons for 20 minutes to participate, and the magnificent AV department who – in a matter of hours – ensured every single act looked and sounded immaculate.

Few other events at the College demonstrate – and by doing so deepen – the modern essence of the College: co-educational, inclusive, creative. A warm collaborative atmosphere permeated the entire evening. After participating in a rousing finale of Mr Brightside (The Killers), courtesy of the irrepressible Staff Band, every member of the audience sailed out into the night, happy and uplifted.

This Extravaganza embodied Epsom at its best. You could not but love it.