Spring Extravaganza | Epsom College
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Spring Extravaganza

On Friday 28 February the Epsom College community came together to enjoy the Spring Extravaganza. The variety charity concert, which is designed for and led by the pupils, is always very popular within the community and featured dance acts, singer songwriters, acapella groups and bands.

The evening included performances from members of staff – often with a comical twist. The event raised £433 for school charity this term, The Children’s Trust.

  • Supermassive Black Hole (Muse), The Eternal Plains: Curtis Day (U4th: Holman), Seumas MacLeod (U4th: Holman),
  • Tim Knighton (U4th: Propert), Stefano Di Rico (M4th: Propert)
  • Étude Lyrique (Dance Solo), Quitterie Lamort De Gail (L6th: Rosebery)
  • Bad Guy (Billie Eilish), Mrs Piggot
  • We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Walden), Anouska Powell (U4th: Wilson)
  • 102 (Matt Healy), Oliver Healy-Millett (U6th: Propert)
  • Even If (Eyre), Holly Hewins (U4th: Wilson)
  • Lovely (Bille Eilish), Sophie da Silva Ziegler (U6th: Wilson) & Wendy Wong (U6th: White)
  • Eleanor Rigby (Lennon & McCartney), Barbershop Chorus 
  • Riptide (Vance Joy) (Dance Solo), Alyssa Takahashi (U6th: Crawfurd) 
  • Hello (Adele), Alex Povey (U4th: Robinson), Annabelle Harper (U4th: Murrell), Fraser Spalding (5th: Fayrer), Daniel Hooton (5th: Robinson), Tim Knighton (U4th: Propert)
  • No Time To Die (Billie Eilish), Katie Evans (U4th: Murrell)
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Crewe & Gaudio), Forest House Band
  • Dancing On My Own (Robyn), Ayah Shehata (U6th: Crawfurd)
  • Survivor (Knowles), The Epsom College Dance Company
  • Flash from Flash Gordon (Queen), Staff Barbershop
  • I Kissed A Girl (Perry arr. Hibbitt), Mr Hibbitt
  • (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Jackson), Robinson House Band