Students Participate in Inaugural British Algorithmic Olympiad | Epsom College
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Students Participate in Inaugural British Algorithmic Olympiad

The competition allows participants to explore their interest in Mathematics and Computer Science in one exam.

The competition combines problem-solving, logical thinking and programming to solve some complex problems which relate to real life.

Some of the problems the students set out to solve included binary rotors, sonars and Pythagorean triples and contained concepts from the A-level Mathematics and GCSE Further Mathematics syllabi. The 10 Epsom A-level and Year 11 students who took part in the Olympiad practised ahead of the competition and did their all to complete as much of the substantially hard paper as they could.

Although the official results and certificates are due to be released after Christmas, we can reveal that the top three scorers from the College were:

  • 1st Place – Tom Stapely (Year 11, Carr)
  • 2nd Place – Max Stoddard (Upper Sixth, Fayrer)
  • 3rd Place – Joshua Crockett (Lower Sixth, Forest)

Congratulations to all students who entered this year: Charissa Kwok, Hector Buzzacott, Heeta Vijaykumar, Jason Cheung, Joshua Crockett, Max Stoddard, Milo FitzHugh, Morris Griffin, Tom Stapely and Vlad Drobnokhod.