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Supporting Parents Through The Pandemic

We recognise that this is a difficult and unsettling time for many families. The stress and anxiety caused by the current situation may have a detrimental affect on mental health.

For some families, the next few months are going to be challenging financially. Our normal ways of working are placed under increased pressure and income streams, and cashflow forecasts, are remodelled and reset.In recognition of the current economic uncertainty we will do everything possible to support you.


Until such a time as the school reopens for face-to-face learning, fees for the Summer Term will be reduced as follows:

  • Day fees for both senior and lower school pupils will be reduced to 80% of their normal rate
  • Weekly boarding fees will be reduced to 60% of their normal rate
  • Full boarding fees will be reduced to 54% of their normal rate

We will only revert to full fees once the College opens to pupils, and normal service resumes.

Coronavirus Hardship Fund

We have also asked those families who are in a stronger financial situation to consider any acts of generosity they can offer to members of the Epsom community.

A number of families are going to struggle where others will have capacity to weather the storm. We are asking any families who can afford to continue paying full fees to consider doing so, to help those whose need is greater.

All payments of fees in excess of the discounted rates, and any additional contributions generously made, will go into a Coronavirus Hardship Fund. This fund will then be used to support those families who – through no fault of their own – have been impacted by the coronavirus.

If you are able to support families who may be in need, by donating to the Coronavirus Hardship fund, please contact the Bursar: