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The Drama Department Presents: Our Country’s Good

The Epsom College Drama department is pleased to advertise the Senior School Play Our Country’s Good, directed by Damon Young.

Our Country’s Good is widely recognised as one of the great plays of the modern era. Upon opening, it won ‘Best Play’ at the Olivier Awards, the Tony Awards and The New York Drama Circle Awards. It remains celebrated as a powerful, moving and frequently hilarious work that offers an impassioned defence of the power of theatre itself. Telling the story of the first convicts (and their naval-officer overseers) transported to the newly discovered land on the opposite side of the world, the play reimagines historical events. We get to know, care about and root for these real, complex and flawed people as they undertake the seemingly impossible challenge of staging the first play ever performed on Australian soil and in doing so rediscover their humanity.

  • Thursday 7 December, 7pm in Big School 
  • Friday 8 December, 7pm in Big School 

Please note: It is advisable for audience members to be 13+ years old due to the themes and issues explored, as well as some of the language used.

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