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The Lower School Showcases Its Musical Talents

The Lower School Concert on Tuesday night saw the youngest members of the Epsom College Community showcase their talents.

Pupils delighted a Main Hall, packed with parents and staff, to an eclectic mix of solo performances that featured everything from Leonard Cohen to Gustav Holst, Sia to Bach.

The evening concluded with The Cantores Choir performing a medley of songs arranged by Miss Nevada Summerley.

Director of Music, Mr Paul Johnson-Hyde said: “The evening was a resounding success and demonstrates the depth of musical talent in our Lower School and the quality of musicianship rising through the College.”

The programme for the evening

  • Junior Strings Ensemble (Adam Combe (Wa), Lucy Hughes (Wa), Caitlin Lynch (Wa), Megan Tan (Wa)) – Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (Williams)
  • Dhruv Mani (Hu) Piano – Can-Can (Offenbach)
  • Bibi Watkins (Wa) Voice – Hallelujah (Cohen)
  • Sophie Bustard (Wa) Saxophone – A Whole New World from Aladdin (Menken)
  • Priya Sirah (Hu) Piano – Happy Day (King)
  • Lucy Campbell (Hu) Voice – Don’t Watch Me Cry (Smith)
  • Sebastian Harper (Wa) Piano – Allegretto Grazioso (Gurlitt)
  • Daisy Carty (Wa) Voice – Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid (Menken)
  • Millie Milne (Hu) Clarinet – Havana (Cabello)
  • Kaylee Townsin (GH) Piano – Arabesque (Burgmüller)
  • Sophie Bustard (Drums) – Overrated (Graceful & Kung Fu Drummer)
  • Rhys Entwistle (Hu) Piano – Jupiter from The Planets (Holst)
  • Sophie Brittain (GH) & Katie Reid (Wa) Voice – Shallow from A Star is Born (Gaga & Cooper)
  • Heeta Vijaykumar (GH) Piano – The Lonely Road (Swinstead)
  • Finn McLennan Fordyce (Hu) Voice and Guitar – Mercy (Mendes)
  • Lower School Consort, Director: Miss N Summerley – Wade in the Water (Spiritual)

Consort Members: Isabelle Allison (Wa), Sophie Brittain (GH), Beatrice Digance (Wa), Robyn Emmett (GH), Ed Green (Hu), Chloe Head (GH), Alice Hurst (Hu), Caitlin Lynch (Wa), Minette Marshal (Hu), Theo Maxwell Randeria (Hu), Millie Milne (Hu), Amber Roberts (GH), Olivia Rodriguez (Hu), Priya Sirah (Hu), Ella Stephens (Wa), Emma Wright (GH)

  • Bibi Watkins (Wa) Piano – Minuet in G (Bach)
  • Adam Combe (Wa) Cello – Gavotta (Corelli)
  • Ella Stephens (Wa) Oboe – Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission (Morricone)
  • Lucy Hughes (Wa) Piano – Theme from Eastenders (Osborne)
  • Millie Milne (Hu) – Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening (Sheik)
  • Chloe Hosier (Wa) Piano – Lovely (Eilish & Khalid)
  • Yasi Fryer (Wa) Voice – All That Jazz from Chicago (Kander & Ebb)
  • William Russell (GH) Guitar – Crop Duster (Rockschool)
  • Emily Walsh (Wa) Piano – Holiday in Paris (Gillock)
  • Ed Green (Hu) Voice – High Hopes (Panic! At The Disco)
  • Amber Roberts (GH) Voice – Jealous (Labrinth arr. Amber Roberts)
  • Ella Stephens (Wa) and Anna Gillespie (GH) Oboe and Flute – Polka: The Little Gem (Laubach-Brown)
  • Robyn Emmett (GH) Voice – Chandelier (Sia)
  • The Cantores Choir, Director: Miss N Summerley, Accompanist: Mr S Johns – A Cantores Mashup (Summerley)

Cantores Choir Members: Nadia Ahmad (Wa), Arabella Alderman (Wa), Isabelle Allison (Wa), Sophie Brittain (GH), Sophie Bustard (Wa), Isabella Cannon (GH), Lucy Church-Jones (GH), Juliette Cox (Hu), Beatrice Digance (Wa), Robyn Emmett (GH), Nell Everett (Wa), Dougal Freeman (Hu), Yasi Fryer (Wa), Anna Gillespie (GH), Lily Graves (GH), Ed Green (Hu), Chloe Head (GH), Chloe Hosier (Wa), Lucy Hughes (Wa), Alice Hurst (Hu), Caitlin Lynch (Wa), Minette Marshal (Hu), Theo Maxwell Randeria (Hu), Millie Milne (Hu), Katie Reid (Wa), Amber Roberts (GH), Olivia Rodriguez (Hu), Eva Sesay (Hu), Gabrielle Sesay (Wa), Priya Sirah (Hu), Ellie Song (GH), Ella Stephens (Wa), Heeta Vijaykumar (GH), Bibi Watkins (Wa), Alex Williams (Hu), Emma Wright (GH)