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The Welcome Return Of Competitive Sporting Fixtures

After more than six months, Saturday 19 September saw the return to a semblance of normality in the sporting world at Epsom as a series of block fixtures were played against St John’s.

In this period of global difficulty, the sports departments at both schools worked exceptionally hard to agree risk-assessed procedures that were sensible, cautious and in line with DfE and National Governing Board guidelines. We hope the 12 football and 12 hockey fixtures are the first step towards a return to more fixtures for our boys and girls.

The results of these matches are secondary to the fact that many of our pupils were able to enjoy pulling on the Epsom jersey once again and representing their school with pride in competitive fixtures.

With honourable mentions to the cricket and golf teams that have been able to play some matches, this was the first set of block fixtures and involved over 300 boys and girls.

Stand out individual performances came from a number of players: in hockey there was a hat-trick for Anna Gillespie (R) for the U15Bs, while Violet Ollerhead (Wa) in the U13As and Emma Lord (Je) in the U12As scored twice as the girls won or drew eight of their 12 matches.

In football, Charlie Walker-Smith (Hu) scored four goals for the U13As, there were hat-tricks for Joss Wells (Fa) in the U15As and for John Warfield (Fa) in the U14Bs, while Kit Temperley (Rn) for the U16As, Teddy Keevil (C) and Will Harris (Fa) for the U16Bs, scored twice. Overall, the boys also won or drew eight of their 12 matches.

“This was a glorious return to sporting action and the College is keen to expand the number of fixtures played, but will only do so with caution and in a measured fashion.”
Mr Andy Bustard, Assistant Head: Total Curriculum