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Theatrical Hair and Make-Up Workshop

Zoe Tiley ran a professional theatre make-up workshop for our Drama scholars. Zoe is a qualified hair and make-up artist, currently lecturing in media and theatrical hair and make-up.

Lucinda Austin and Bea Scott reviewed the evening: “The professional make-up workshop we attended was so engaging and so much fun! We got to learn new skills useful for behind-the-scenes work in theatre. Zoe helped us master fake injuries such as cuts, bruises, black eyes and even some gunshot wounds.

We were able to use top-notch products that are used in movie sets and in professional theatre productions. We also learnt about how fake injuries were set ts that they would last during shows and filming. It was amazing to understand how everything worked. Our favourite part of the workshop was learning how to use different colours and how to make fake injuries look much more realistic. Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable and engaging workshop, especially devising and acting out the back stories to our injuries. We cannot wait to do many more of these types of workshops in the future.”