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‘There But Not There’ Silhouettes

As a College it is an honour to be supporting the ‘There But Not There campaign’, alongside many in our nation in commemorating the fallen and continuing care for the living.

‘There But Not There’ is the inaugural campaign from the charity Remembered, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War by creating community-owned art installations up and down the UK. The installations¬† depict silhouettes of British and Commonwealth First World War soldiers in the communities left desolate in the wake of the war.

The silhouettes aim to connect communities and remember the hundreds of thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers lost a century ago. They are built by ex-servicemen and women, and all proceeds will go to support groups of mental health and armed forces charities, including Help for Heroes.

We are delighted to be involved in this inspiring and innovative project which is a fitting tribute to all those lost their lives in WWI.

Our own silhouettes can be seen both on the lawn adjacent to the Library, and also within the College Chapel.

These are outline perspex figures in the shape of WW1 ‘Tommies’ (as Rudyard Kipling describes soldiers in his poem Tommy).

All figures have been jointly purchased by the Chaplaincy and Archives Department under the leadership of College Archivist, Rebecca Jallot.

For more information about this inspirational project, please visit the There But Not There website.

By Canon Paul Thompson