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Training Next Year’s College Leaders

The 14 newly-appointed College Prefects for 2024-25 received a day of training to develop team working, soft skills, and leadership for next year and life beyond Epsom. Next year's Head of Raven House, Alice Griffiths, reports on the day's activities.

Next year’s College prefects, from whom will emerge the next three Heads of School, were taken through a rigorous day of challenges, exercises and insights that will serve them well as they step up their roles as the most senior pupils at Epsom.

The day included a review of expectations and challenges for the year ahead, followed by mini presentations summarising the conclusions. Group tasks followed which highlighted communication and leadership styles. A review of each participant’s PRISM personality analysis (completed in advance of the day) enabled the prefects to bond as a team with the shared knowledge of each group member’s particular ways of working. Training also included guidance on body language and different ways of asserting yourself.

All in all, very valuable training for the year ahead!