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U14A Hockey clean sweep at Lord Wandsworth tournament

Five matches saw five victories against Pangbourne, Lord Wandsworth, Portsmouth Grammar, Dauntsey’s and Christs’ Hospital.


WON 1-0 v Pangbourne
WON 2-1 v Lord Wandsworth
WON 4-1 v Portsmouth GS
WON 1-0 v Dauntsey’s
WON 5-0 v Christs’ Hospital

The first match v Pangbourne was tight, with Epsom starting fairly slowly having to get used to seven-a-side again and some new rules.

The girls certainly had most of the play but found it difficult to get the shot away or give the final decisive pass. Epsom finally found the goal to win the game 1-0 through Katie Evans (M).

The second game was against the hosts Lord Wandsworth, who capitalised on an early short corner to give them a 1-0 lead. Epsom showed terrific fighting spirit and managed to equalise after dominating again and then the winner came a couple of minutes from the end through Amelia Burke (Wa).

After a break Epsom played a good Portsmouth Grammar team. The girls were now in full flow, stringing some great passes together that moved the ball and the opposition all over the pitch. Finishing was also excellent and this game was won comfortably 4-1.

Daunstey’s were a strong side but Epsom once again came out on top 1-0, with Farrah Stephens-Martin (M) and Katie Evans running with real pace and skill, while Polly Campbell (Rv) and Ella Parson (Rv) dominated midfield. Both teams had plenty of chances with Delphine Ayitey-Hammond (Rv) making some important saves. Lucy Picken (Wh) and Amelia Thomson (Wh) were superb defensively, not only making strong tackles but also linking with the players.

After being magnificent all afternoon in defence, Maddie Wearne (Cr) was switched to centre-forward and she quickly turned predator in the final game, scoring two goals quickly against Christ’s Hospital. Epsom once again created chance after chance with Burke and Parson scoring to put the game out of reach for a 5-0 win.

The improvement shown by all the girls over the season is enormous and this is a side that is going to be very exciting for the future.