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Upper Fourth Pupils Get Competitive At Quiz Evening

On Thursday evening, many of the Upper Fourth students took part in an end of year quiz. Mr Henson took on the role of quizmaster to provide nine rounds of questions on a wide range of topics, from naming flags, to guessing songs that were played backwards, to general knowledge.

Students were extremely competitive and the leading team changed many times throughout the evening. The highlight for many may well have been the happy meals and ice cream, but all students got involved and enjoyed the event. The winning team was composed of Oskar Giles (F), Jamie Yorke (F), Jude Clark (G), Emily Bain (M), Ellie Jordan (M) and Thomas Booth (Rn).

Well done to everyone who took part and contributed to making this a very enjoyable event to celebrate the end of the year.

By Jonine Heslip