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West Country University Visits

The OE Club visited our recent leavers at Bath & Bristol Universities

In April, we hosted gatherings at both Bath & Bristol University to catch up with our most recent leavers.

Our University visits are a great way to keep the OE community connected and it is such a delight to see how well they are getting on in their next stage of education.

On Thursday 18th April, we visited Bath University and enjoyed a night at Juno Bar & Kitchen with our OEs studying a broad range of subjects; including Economics, Modern Languages, Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry. 

On Friday 19th April we hosted a small gathering at the White Harte in Bristol. We were particularly pleased to be joined by an OE who had travelled down from Newcastle University – the more the merrier! Our Bristol alumni have also undertaken an array of subjects; Theatre & English, Biology, Economics & Politics and International Business Management.

We are looking forward to further University visits next academic year, and are keen to hear from students who would like us to arrange a gathering at their campus. Please contact oeclub@epsomcollege.org.uk and we will happily organise. The OE Club can also facilitate and set up an Alumni Whatsapp group on your behalf to keep you connected to OEs in your University town. 

Thank you to all of our OEs who attended, and we hope to see many more of you next year!