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Wilson Wins Remembrance Art Competition

During Michaelmas term, all College Houses were invited to take part in the annual Remembrance Day Painting Award. The competition was organised by Mr Nikolas Arvanitis, Head of Art, who initiated it in 2019 as a way of bringing art into the Houses and encouraging students to reflect on the meaning of the commemorations.

All Houses rose to the challenge and the students produced an outstanding and incredibly diverse set of paintings.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Carr’s work stood out, with an excellent overlay technique on camouflage, showcasing a good sense of colour, texture and commendable effort.
  • Crawfurd’s piece exhibited a mastery of techniques resulting in a balanced and cohesive piece. The enigmatic and calm facial expression of the central figure emanated a sense of stillness and reflectiveness.
  • Fayrer’s meticulous research shone through, coupled with superb characterisation of the face and authentic colours that effectively captured the essence of wartime recruitment posters.
  • Forest skillfully conveyed the gloom of war, creating an atmospheric piece that resonated with the sombre realities of the time.
  • Granville’s entry made use of unusual painting techniques that imparted great movement and momentum to the lower half of the artwork.
  • Holman’s rendering of the trenches was noteworthy. The artists made good use of both painting and drawing techniques.
  • Murrell’s incorporation of shattered glass added texture and light, and the research, including the OE element, made the piece relatable to the College.
  • Propert’s considered approach, especially their use of the names of the lost OEs coupled with poppies, was appreciated.
  • Raven’s work represented a mix of text and image thoughtfully, resulting in a well-composed piece reflecting on the role of the suffragettes during the war.
  • Robinson’s piece was striking. The painting left a powerful impact through its excellent use of drawing, colour and composition. The text explaining the picture was thoughtful and helped the judging panel view the work in context.
  • Rosebery used colour effectively to produce a beautifully painted portrait with references to Vorticism and Eric Ravilious.
  • White’s piece was excellent, featuring clear sections, visually striking representations, and a thoughtful portrayal of the suffragettes’ roles during the war. The fierce gaze of the poppy-covered eye amplified the painting’s emotive power.
  • Wilson’s artwork was incredibly impressive. The stained-glass design, colours, and techniques used to create the painting provided a natural flow and balance to the picture, resulting in an outstanding work of art. Although there were many references related to the meaning of Remembrance, the artists combined them excellently and coherently.

The Winning Houses

Chaplain’s choice: Wilson

Award for Composition: Robinson/Fayrer (joint winners)

Award for Creativity: White

Overall Winner

The piece that showcases outstanding creative and compositional skills alongside strong contextual research: Wilson.