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Year Rounds Off In Style For Epsom’s Golfers

Oscar Lent reached new heights in his golfing career and rising star Niamh Harrington scored the ultimate hole in one

Oscar reaches the final stages of the British Amateur Championship

After opening rounds of 70 and 71,  Year 12 pupil Oscar Lent was rated fourth in a field of 288. This outstanding result meant that Oscar qualified for the final stages of this world famous championship. Unfortunately, his run ended when he was beaten by Lev Grinberg from Ukraine.

Qualifying attempt for the Open Championship

On Monday, Oscar was in golfing action again at the Northants Golf Club for the regional qualifying event of the Open Championship. The field contained 85 professional golfers and 103 amateurs. With his score of 2 over par, he missed getting into the final qualifying by just two strokes however coming for a tie of 15th in this large field is a magnificent effort.

A Hole in One for Niamh

It is the ultimate accolade in golf. To achieve a hole in one is what all golfers strive for and a moment they remember with great pride for the rest of their lives.

Year 8 pupil Niamh Harrington managed this awesome achievement last week when she aced the par 3 eighth hole at Reigate Hill. At the time Niamh was playing for Walton Heath in the Rookie league against Reigate Hill.