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Youngest Pupils Impress at Lower School Concert

Lower School Pupils delighted an audience of family, friends and staff in Big School on Tuesday evening. The concert showcased a diverse range of solo performances which demonstrated the breadth and depth of musical ability in the Lower School. The concert also featured the inaugural performance of the Lower School Concert Band, who performed rousing highlights from James Bond and Star Wars. The evening was concluded with an inspiring performance from the Cantores Choir, who performed a ‘mash-up’ of songs by inspirational female artists.

Director of Music, Paul Johnson-Hyde said, “This concert was a fitting tribute to the work that Miss Nevada Summerley (Graduate Music Assistant) has undertaken with our Lower School pupils. Her ability to make tailor-made arrangements of music has allowed our pupils to flourish”.

Miss Summerley has been appointed as Assistant Director of Music at St Thomas’s, Battersea.