Careers and Higher Education guidance begins during a pupil’s first year at the College and continues as part of the PSHE curriculum. As pupils move toward their A-levels, the support intensifies. Each child is given the opportunity to take part in a varied and illuminating programme of support that guides them into higher education in the UK or overseas, or into the world of work.

Careers bulletin

Support in Year 11.

In Year 11 all pupils receive career aptitude testing and guidance through the Independent Schools’ Careers Organisation (ISCO) FuturewiseProgramme. Parents may follow this process online.

Visit the FutureWise website here

The Morrisby profile, together with consideration of academic ability and discussion between parents and House staff, forms the basis for advice on A-level choices and possible university courses.

Following the GCSE examinations, pupils have the opportunity to participate in the College’s work experience scheme run in cooperation with Trident.

Guidance in Lower Sixth

In the Lower Sixth there is a varied programme of events looking at life beyond Epsom. A large number of Lower Sixth students take part in Futurewise careers courses during the Easter and summer vacations, as well as university taster courses.

The careers programme looks closely at the UCAS application procedure, gap year opportunities and the world of work.

There are sessions dedicated to Higher Education with a variety of guest speakers, and specialised events for applications to Medical Schools and Oxbridge.

In the summer term, all Lower Sixth students attend the Epsom College Higher Education Conference and Fair. This includes workshops run by university admissions tutors and the Higher Education Fair is attended by many top universities. Parents are very welcome to attend.

Russell Group applications

Earlier this year our students received a presentation on applying to Russell Group universities from Mr Paul Drinkwater at Southampton University.

View the slides by clicking here

Careers Office

The careers office is easily accessible to students, located within the Sixth Form Centre. The main emphasis of careers advice at Sixth Form is in selecting appropriate higher education courses. Students are encouraged to drop-in for advice informally or to make an appointment individually. If they have not already taken it, there is an opportunity to take the Futurewise Careers Guidance Tests (similar to psychometric profiling used by graduate employers). All students are enrolled in this programme in the Fifth Form.

Each Lower Sixth pupil creates a career profile and draft UCAS form in preparation for the Upper Sixth.

Throughout this year, and into the Upper Sixth, we offer one-to-one advice on university courses and an interview skills programme to help pupils gain access to appropriate courses and institutions.

In addition, Lower Sixth pupils are advised to undertake further work experience and may contact Old Epsomians from our database for help.

The careers advisers are always available for consultation at any stage during a pupil’s College career (and often afterwards).

Upper Sixth support

At the start of the Upper Sixth a day is given over to UCAS applications. Interview preparation is given on an individual basis as required. Support is readily available throughout the UCAS cycle.

Finally, when exam results are published in August, the Department is available to give help to those who need it.

The vast majority of students make successful applications and achieve their first or second university of choice.

All students are encouraged to build a work experience portfolio, in preparation for employment.

Universities overseas

Epsom recognises that the options for students after A-levels are becoming increasingly diverse. The traditional route of studying at a British university, while right for many, is not the best option for all.

We have experience guiding students to universities overseas and can help students explore growing possibilities in the world of work.

Each year, the majority of our students leave Epsom to attend Russell Group Universities, with an increasing number heading overseas – particularly to the US Ivy League institutions.

Here is a breakdown of our leavers’ destinations for 2017.

  • Nottingham: 16
  • Bristol: 11
  • Birmingham: 9
  • Exeter: 8
  • Loughborough: 7
  • Durham: 7
  • Warwick: 7
  • Oxford Brookes: 6
  • Newcastle: 5
  • Cardiff: 5
  • University College London: 5
  • King’s College London: 5
  • LSE: 5
  • Imperial: 5
  • Leeds: 5
  • Sheffield 4
  • Surrey: 4
  • Southampton: 4
  • Edinburgh: 4
  • Manchester: 4
  • Bath: 4
  • Leeds Metropolitan: 2
  • Liverpool: 2
  • St Andrews: 2
  • Glasgow: 2
  • Queen Mary University of London: 2
  • Swansea: 1
  • Birmingham City: 1
  • Kent: 1
  • Bournemouth 1
  • Sussex: 1
  • Bangor: 1
  • Brighton: 1
  • Royal Veterinary College: 1
  • Goldsmiths: 1
  • Oxford: 1
  • Leicester: 1

Each year, the majority of our students leave Epsom to attend Russell Group Universities, with an increasing number heading overseas – particularly to the US Ivy League institutions.

Here is a breakdown of our leavers’ destinations for 2018.

  • Exeter: 18
  • Nottingham: 11
  • Durham: 10
  • UCL:  9
  • Oxford Brookes: 8
  • Edinburgh: 7
  • Manchester: 6
  • Southampton: 6
  • Bath: 5
  • Cardiff: 4
  • Bristol: 4
  • Kings College London: 4
  • Royal Holloway: 4
  • Birmingham: 4
  • Newcastle:  4
  • Warwick:  4
  • Liverpool: 3
  • Leeds: 3
  • Imperial: 3
  • Lancashire: 2
  • Oxford:  2
  • Cambridge: 2
  • East Anglia: 2
  • City, University of London: 2
  • Loughborough: 2
  • St Andrews: 1
  • Reading: 1
  • York: 1
  • Essex: 1
  • St George’s: 1
  • Dundee: 1
  • Edge Hill: 1
  • Manchester Metropolitan: 1
  • Portsmouth: 1
  • Goldsmiths: 1
  • Courtauld Institute: 1
  • Nottingham Trent: 1
  • Anglia Ruskin: 1
  • Birmingham City: 1
  • Surrey: 1
  • Coventry: 1
  • Leicester: 1
  • Kent: 1
  • Lincolnshire: 1
  • Plymouth: 1