Attendance & Registration | Epsom College

Your child should be in school no later than 8.20am each morning. Registration is at 8.25am, and takes place in their form room, which is in Lower School.

If your child misses registration, they should sign in at Lower School Reception as soon as they arrive. If they know they will be late, a courtesy email either to Lower School Reception or your child’s form tutor would be appreciated.

What if my child is ill?

No pupil should be away from school without special permission, except if they are unwell. In the case of illness or accident, the Head of Lower School or Head of Year must be informed by telephone by 8.20am on the first day of absence. If they are not available, the Lower School Reception will pass on a message.

At the end of the period of absence, a note – which can be in the form of an email – should be sent to the Head of Year.

Are there exceptions for holidays, family occasions or cultural events?

All of us, at home and at school must make your child’s education our number one priority.

Therefore, we ask that you do not request for your child to be away from school unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Term dates are published well in advance – and can be viewed here – so no pupil should expect to be allowed to leave early. Permission is needed from the Head and is only granted in very special circumstances. As you will understand, it creates difficult precedents, disrupts lessons, and inconveniences teachers.

From time to time, opportunities arise for pupils to attend cultural events. Attending such events can be enriching and we are always prepared to consider requests from parents. However, we do ask for as much notice as possible and for your support if – for any reason – we feel that permission should not be granted.