We welcome international pupils who can study at the College as full boarders. You must have an appointed Guardian over the age of 25 who lives in the UK, no more than two hours travelling time from the College. This is the person with whom you can stay for Exeats or at any other times when the College is closed.


Student Visas

  • Epsom College is a licensed student sponsor and sponsors non-UK boarding students from Year 9 onwards via the Child Student Visa route.
  • All non-British or Irish passport holders/citizens will be required to have the relevant immigration status to study at the College (eg. either EU Pre-Settled or Settled Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Permanent Residency, PBS Dependant Visa, BNO Visa or Child Student Visa sponsored by the College).
  • More information about Child Student Visas can be found on the Government website.


Entrance assessment

All international applicants are required to sit the UKiset entrance assessment. This is an online entry test taken in English. It is designed to support admission into the UK independent education system and provides schools with the information they need when considering an international applicant.

UKiset measures four skills:

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns)
  • Verbal Reasoning (the ability to work with words and language)
  • Mathematics (working with numbers, value, and sequences)
  • English (grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing).

find out more about UKISET

The UKiset assessment is the first step in making an application to the College. Once your child has taken the assessment we will contact you to confirm whether or not we are able to proceed with your child’s application.

If we are able to take things forward we will invite you to complete our Registration Form and pay the £200 registration fee and return this to us with copies of your child’s two most recent school reports and any other information which you feel would be relevant when considering their application. We will also require a school reference.

All applicants will normally be expected to have an interview with a senior member of teaching staff, either face-to-face if they are able to visit the College in person, or via Skype or similar.


Deadline for entry

To join Year 12

The UKiset assessment should be taken by mid-October in the year prior to entry (Year 11).

To join Years 9 or 10

There is no deadline for Year 9 or 10 candidates, as this will depend on the availability of spaces for any particular year. However, please be aware that places are reserved up to two years in advance of entry.

To join Year 7

The UKiset assessment should be taken by the end of November in the year prior to entry (Year 6). Please note that we do not offer boarding in Year 7 or 8.


English language requirements

In order to cope with the academic and social demands at the College, pupils must be competent English speakers.

Tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL) is offered by the College and on arrival at the College international students are assessed by our EAL Department in order to establish the level of support required. 

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