Welcome To Our Sixth Form | Epsom College

Moving to a new school can be daunting, so we do everything possible to help you settle in. Under the guidance of Ceara Kelly, Head of Lower Sixth, and Mr Nick Russell, Assistant Head: Senior School, we will ensure your first year as a Sixth Form student provides a solid foundation for success at A-level and your life beyond Epsom College.

This year will be a busy and enriching one, and we will encourage and support you to discover and develop your potential. That starts with making sure that you feel at home with the way we do things here. Each school has its own particular, and sometimes peculiar, way of doing things: its own customs and expectations, and sometimes even its own language. 

We put together this information on life in Epsom College’s Sixth Form by doing some digging, chatting with current students and staff, and looking at all the available details about the school and its programs. Our aim is to give you a real feel for what it’s like to be a Sixth Form student at Epsom College. 

Important dates for your diary

Sunday 1 September

All new pupils and parents will be required to attend the tea, Head’s welcome and Chapel service on Sunday 1 September. Your Housemaster or Housemistress will be in touch during the summer to confirm timings and arrangements. Once concluded, boarders will remain at school, while day pupils will be free to leave and return for the first full day of College on Monday 2 September.

Monday 2 September

Unless otherwise advised, all day pupils should report to their House by 8.20am on Monday 4 September, ready for the start of term.


Your family will be invited to various events over the course of the Michaelmas Term. These are an opportunity to meet other parents and members of the teaching staff. Details will be published on the School Calendar in due course.