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School fees are invoiced termly in advance and are due for payment seven days before the start of each term. Invoices are issued via email at the end of each term and will show, in addition to the fee for the following term, charges for any extras that are due for payment.

The majority of the necessary stationery and books are provided, but extras would cover:

  • examination fees
  • music lessons
  • private tuition
  • field courses
  • CCF charges (Year 9 and above only)
  • theatre tickets
  • holiday trips
  • transport to/from school
  • social events
  • some activities

Confirmation Fee

Upon leaving Epsom College, a final fee account will be raised to cover any extras incurred and not previously billed. Any such costs will be deducted from the confirmation fee retained by the College and the balance will be refunded to the person to whom the most recent invoice has been sent.

Those in receipt of the final bill are asked to check the account and raise any queries within 14 days in order to assist in the timely return of any balance from the confirmation fee.

Making payments to the College

Payment should be made by Direct Debit, either on a termly or monthly basis. Under the scheme for termly payments, the fees (in advance) and extras (in arrears) are both debited seven days before the start of term.

For monthly payments, the annual fee is divided into 10 equal instalments, which are debited on or just after the 12th day of each month, from August to May inclusive; the extras are debited by Direct Debit (in arrears) seven days before the start of term.

The College does not charge either interest or an administration fee for this facility. Parents should note that it might not be possible to collect fees by Direct Debit from some bank accounts, particularly non-UK banks. In such instances, parents should contact the College’s account department by email:

Paying from overseas

Parents paying from outside the UK are encouraged to use our Flywire service for paying all fees and extras.

Flywire is a fully supported and free online payment platform, which is simple to use and exchange rates are favourable. The service can be accessed here:

Do you operate a fees in advance scheme?

For further information about our Fees In Advance Scheme, and to receive a quotation, please email the Bursar who will be happy to help.

What about your fees refund scheme?

Click the button below for more information on this scheme. The cost will be charged termly in advance.

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Does the College provide healthcare and personal effects insurance for pupils?

Personal Effects Insurance

Details of a special insurance scheme for students’ personal effects, the premium for which is included as part of the basic fees, is available by clicking here.

However, our general advice is that articles of great value should not be brought to school. Please note that the scheme places limits upon both the total value and the maximum value of any one article.

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Personal Accident Insurance, Including Dental Cover

All pupils are insured by the College, at no extra charge, against permanent disability resulting from any accident which occurs while they are pupils at Epsom College. The College includes dental cover in the policy offered to all pupils.

The cover is for both term time and holidays. The Bursar should be notified of any claim.

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Optional Private AXA PPP Healthcare Insurance

Cover will commence and premiums will be charged once the application has been received and processed.

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