College Expectations | Epsom College

The harmony of a community depends everyone adhering to an agreed set of principles, customs and expectations. Epsom is no different. What we expect of you is not onerous, nor stifling; nothing more will be required than common sense and politeness. However, it is important that everyone is aware of the College’s expectations and agrees to support them.

On arrival at the College, you will be given a copy of our Guidance for Pupils. Every pupil is given a copy of this booklet. You can view the 2022/23 edition here.

Rewards & Sanctions

The College’s strong preference is to reward good behaviour, and there is a clear and well-established system of rewards in place. Unacceptable behaviour is discouraged and, on occasion, sanctions may be necessary. Sanctions are fair, appropriate, and wherever possible constructive.


Viewed on a sliding scale, pupils are rewarded by:

  • Verbal congratulations
  • Merits – awarded by subject teachers for good work and emailed to parents via the school’s management system (iSams)
  • Commendations – awarded for excellent pieces of work or effort that goes beyond the minimum expectations of an Epsom pupil
  • Head’s Distinctions – awarded for individual pieces of outstanding work, and presented by the Head for permanent record.

At the end of each year, pupils are awarded prizes, ‘colours’, and Head’s Awards for outstanding achievements in any given area. These are given at Final Roll, and recorded in College Notes.

  • Prizes are awarded for achieving the highest level in a given subject.
  • Colours are issued for special sporting achievements.
  • Head’s Awards recognise outstanding achievements in music and drama


If behaviour or work falls below our expectations sanctions may be applied. The most frequently used sanction is a verbal reprimand. More serious infringements may be dealt with in a variety of ways:

  • Green Papers – given by subject teachers for poor work or behaviour.
  • Departmental Detention – given for late or unacceptable work in a given subject. These detentions take precedence over any other commitments.
  • School Detention – more serious than departmental detentions and given for repeated poor work or behaviour. These take place 6.30-7.30pm each Saturday evening.
  • Head’s Detention – given for serious poor behaviour and more major breaches of College expectations. They take place 5.30-7.30pm on Saturday evenings.

Both School and Head’s Detentions are administered by the Second Master and are supervised by senior members of staff.


If parents allow their children to organise a party during term time and invite other Epsom College students, we ask that these take place on a Saturday night. This helps to minimise disruption at the College. We would also request that adults are present, and observe the laws regarding the provision and consumption of alcohol.

If you are inviting boarders, please ensure that their Housemaster or Housemistress have given their permission and that you are happy with the arrangements to get the child back to College for the time stated by the Housemaster/Housemistress.

Cars and motorcycles

Students are not allowed to have cars or motorcycles at school without the Second Master’s permission.

No one may use a car to come to the College until they are in the Upper Sixth. Students are not allowed to ride in vehicles driven by anyone other than their parents, guardians or members of staff.